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The reason of oiling the bowling alley avenue is to save the wood and protect it from the dents and dings of bowling balls. As per the years and time, advanced chemical technologies has been used with various products to protect the lane surface including polyurethane, lacquer and synthetic surface as well. However, oil is still being used to smooth the surface.

A bowling alley is at the minimum of 86 feet 6 inches with the actual lane portion is about 60 feet measuring. The whole wood portion of the lane is 42 inches wide. The wooden lane is made out of 39 boards from different types of woods. The fist 15 ft and last 2 ft of the lane is made from a very hard wood called rock maple. The middle part is mainly made with softer wood or even from a synthetic material.

Different Bowling Alley oil Patterns:

Many times the condition of the bowling alley is made for any particular purpose mainly for the competitions. There have some professional bowling associations who are going to the place for maintaining the lanes used for this game. The mainly suggest which type of oil pattern would be suitable for which lane as there are five different patterns of oil like the Chameleon, the Scorpion, the Cheetah, the Viper and the Shark. Different oils are used in different types of lanes like the Chameleon pattern of oiling consists for 40 feet of lane in a series of strips. This pattern is mainly required to obtain the high score and bowler needs to follow various styles of play through the game. Now, the scorpion pattern oil is located down the bowling alley than the other oil patterns. 42 ft long, such bowling model mainly made to focus the bowler to find just the right spot down the lane to knock down all the pins. The Cheetah is the shortest of all patterns for 36 feet long. High scoring bowlers are able to throw the ball near the gutter. Viper is 38 feet long that enables bowler to adapt their bowling style by using different grooves in lane. Once the perfect groove has been found by the bowler, the pins fall. Last but not the least is Shark which is the longest of all the patterns at 44 ft. The bowler who can bowl at the middle of the lane, this pattern is for them.

How to do list with us: All the bowling alley lanes avenues are not same. To improve the score, bowler must have to understand the lane on which they are bowling. Lane can be dry or oily and according to that changing of bowling speed and direction is required. So, if you have the bowling alley avenue and what to invite the bowlers at your place, then listing your business on our website could help you to get more visitors.

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