2D Drafting & 3D Modeling Training using AUTOCAD

Posted By SageNext Infotech LLC on 2018-02-03


Objective of Course
This course teaches the production of 2D working drawings using AutoCAD instead of a drawing board. We show you how to create new drawings, edit existing drawings and plot drawings onto paper. It is entirely practical with a hands-on-approach and you will have your own professional CAD networked computer. You will be given e-books & practical exercise course notes.

Introduction to the course and hardware -
Overview of AutoCAD
Overview of PC, Peripherals, System Settings and Variables.
Starting a New Drawing - Menus, Toolbars and Dialogue boxes.
Drawing Commands - Line, Arc, Circle, Polygon, Blocks, Plines, Ellipses, Hatch, Text, Dimensions.
Edit Commands - Erase, Array, Extend, Break, Trim, Mirror, Copy, Grips, Change, Rotate, Pedit, Etc.
View Commands - Redraw, Zoom, Pan, Etc. Drawing Settings and Aids - Snapping to points, Grids, Precision input, Coordinates, Line and Text Styles, Drawing Limits, Layers, Units, Template Drawings.
Assist Commands - Help! Cancel, Undo, Redo. Saving and Plotting Drawings
Productivity Tools - Blocks, Dynamic Blocks
Associative Tools - OLE, Hyperlinks

The above may be varied to suit clients preferences and requirements. At the end of the course the trainee will have produced a number of 2D drawings. These will be at the correct scale, showing text, dimensions and printed onto paper using varied line weights.

Who Should Attend?
New users of AutoCAD. Previous computer or CAD use is not required but we would recommend you have some experience on windows. Drawing board skills are very useful. Managers requiring an overview of AutoCAD for evaluation or management purposes.

At the end of the course you will be presented with a TecnisiaCAD AutoCAD Certificate.

TecnisiaCAD Info:

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Official Website: tecnisiacad.in
Email: info@tecnisiacad.in
WhatsApp/Call: (+91) - 9716764006

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