6 Reliable White Hat SEO Tactics To Dominate Search Engine in 2017

Posted By Advanced Digital Marketing Training Center in Delhi on 2017-03-27


As far as search engine algorithms go, it is becoming more and more different to achieve higher rank on search engine results for small and large scale businesses. And everyone knows that in order to keep ahead of the competitors and earn a better return on investment, it is necessary to stay on top of the search engine results. Thus, it has now become more essential than ever before to use clean and reliable SEO Techniques. Know this, the days of black hat SEO techniques that includes Keyword stuffing, link schemes, rick snippet mark up spam and hidden text are old news now as the consumer is becoming more and more intelligent.

Thus, the execution of White Hat SEO techniques is what really needed in order to attain the best for the organization. Unlike black hat SEO, which mainly uses unethical manners to achieve top rankings, white hat SEO, also known as Ethical SEO, uses a more moral approach and comply with SEO guidelines to achieve greater rankings. Using White Hat SEO is vital for people who intend to make a long term investment on their website. It is useful in achieving hundreds of visitors who have the potential to become a customer, rather than those thousand ones who prefer not to.

Below are mentioned some vital and extremely necessary white hat SEO techniques to look forward to in 2017.

  1. Priority to Mobile Advertisment: The fact about SEO is, the more you reach, the greater the chances of sales. And when it comes to reaching people, nothing can be as generous and easier than mobile devices. Today, almost everyone uses a smartphone with an Internet that gives business owners an opportunity to use the medium and reach the relevant audience. Development of responsive websites that can easily be viewed on any sized screen and building fast and reliable mobile applications are the ways to target mobile audience and increase your geographical area of promotion. Keep tabs on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) to make sure get higher traffic on the website. According to the data released by The Mobile Playbook, 94% mobile users used the device for location information, 51% to visit the online store, 48% to call a store and 29% to make a purchase. With such heavy numbers, it would be disastrous not to make the mobile top priority.
  2. Increase user experience: As much as it is to maintain the website, it is also equally necessary to maintain the credibility of the user, which can only be ensured by enhancing their experience. Find out if your users or customers are facing any issues while navigating the website. If they are satisfied with the interface of the website or application as it is essential to keep the customer happy. You can do it by running surveys and A/B testings. This would allow your customers to be loyal to you and make a special bond, which will keep on even with competitors' latest offerings. Although, the biggest benefit you will get is to win the trust of Google’s algorithms that will easily rank you on higher search engine results.
  3. Keyword Research: Well, it goes without saying that keyword research is still and will be most the most important in 2017 white hat SEO technique. Right usage of keywords and relevant keyword will always make your way to the top as Google still puts the context ahead than strings of metadata. Do not try to use any tool to perform the keyword research as Google will know for sure. Do not overstuff the keywords as it will fall into the victim of Google’s smart algorithm, which will only throw your website in some corner far behind that you certainly don’t want.
  4. Keep high quality and relevant content: Yes, Content is still the king in 2017. When building a commercial website which you want to see on the first page of the Google search results, then use the content wisely. Include only relevant and high quality plagiarism free information on the website that is 100% grammatically correct. The main goal of the content should be to solve user’s issues, add value and entertain the users. Cover these elements and your content will surpass your competitors. There won’t be any use in reaching a wider audience if you don’t have anything worthy to tell them despite of having offerings and claims. Give them what they want, a useful, enjoyable and inspirational content. Other things you need to consider is the length of the content and the number of keywords to include. Long gone are the days when one can reach higher ranks with some hundred word article. Now, you can’t achieve anything with a content below 1000 or even 2000 words as shows by a Google algorithm. You can also choose to revise your old content with some modernity as it would give your website a fresh appearance with improved quality.
  5. Use Schema to attract the users: In a report by Searchmetrics in 2014, one-third of the Google search results involve Rich snippets supported by Schema. However, only 0.3% websites used the Google Schema tool, which can provide the business owners with a great opportunity to have a competitive edge over the others. Schema refers to a collection of HTML tags added to the web page that creates an enhanced and impressive description shown in the search results. Schema is mainly used to create rich snippets for events, organization, music, recipes, products, videos and people.
  6. Link Building: As of 2017, link building has the same importance it has in previous years when it comes to achieving top rankings. Get the right and quality links associated with your website. Do not try to acquire thousands of less important links, instead get your hands a few reputed ones that could generate both traffic from relevant users along with reputation. Use such links that add to your name and do not use any link building tool.

There are many other things that you may wish to consider while implementing white hat SEO techniques in 2017 to reach top results. Use social media signals, better your crawl rate optimization, update your website frequently with relevant posts, improving your page speed optimization, building broken links, use of image search and voice search, which will certainly give the desired results in quick span of time.

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