What is Digital Marketing Course?

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Before learning digital marketing see of some information like What is Search Engine marketing, Social Media Optimization How can do and what are required, What are search engine and how can search of search query etc.

Here is Core Digital marketing aspect:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing Techniques
  4. Email marketing
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. How can Generate Sale, Lead and new Customer Acquisition Techniques

What is Search Engine Optimization? : Search Engine optimization is techniques of increase a visitor on website / web pages and visibility at search engine. Any one search of keywords then appears on search engine sites.

Here some process of Search engine Optimization:

  1. Domain name should be keywords basis
  2. Keywords Search Relates Industries, Business, Products plus Location
  3. Tack a Low Budget keywords for webpages and get earlier ranking of webpages
  4. Create site map
  5. Select Robot for block pages
  6. Website analysis : Lead pages, Doorway pages, Products and Content
  7. Density, proximity, prominence and pages / Keywords Frequency
  8. Website Speed , 301, 302 and more errors
  9. Canonical issues, IP and DNS etc.
  10. Blog optimization
  11. Off Pages Activities

a. Local business listing
c. Article
d. Business Directory Listing
e. Guest Post activities
f. Content Marketing
g. Forum / Discussion Board Join
h. Social Bookmarking

Search Engine marketing Activities:

  1. Paid Search Ads
  2. Paid Search Advertise
  3. Pay Per Click
  4. Cost Per Mile
  5. Cost Per Click

What are needs for Social media optimization and marketing Activities?

  1. Facebook Marketing: It’s most popular social media networks in India, When 142 million active users in India and daily active user 69 Million. Facebook on two type marketing activities do you 1st one is free and second one is paid.
  2. Google+: At India, Around 12.3 million user on Google+. When many more people used google+ for branding purpose.
  3. Linkedin : It’s professional site Like CEO, HR, Digital Marketing, Association and many more type of profession on linkedin. It’s have also two type activities 1st is free activities and second is paid medium. When, 35 million registered user in India. This reported by statista.
  4. Twitter: it’s microblogging site, Users used hashtag for promoting, There on Indian Users around 26+ Million as per statista, this site also have two type 1st one is free and second is paid media.
  5. Pintrest: it’s social media site used for share images and Videos on boards and managed it’s self, many more people called pinboards.
  6. Instagram: it is photo sharing and Social Media platform, Acquired by facebook at 2012. It’s have 600 Million Active users at this platform.
  7. Tumbler: It’s microblogging site and Social networking site, Yahoo acquired by 2013, It’s have around 332 million Blog account and 116 Billion post at July 2015.

What is Email Marketing? Email marketing is part of direct Marketing used for electronic mail and communication with business and Customers. The worlds wide email users 2.6 Billion. 2019 in around 2.9 Billion email users.

Types of Email: Basically two types of emails 1st one is marketing type and transaction email’s.

Marketing type Email:

  1.  Welcome message
  2. Newsletter
  3. News update Mail
  4. Promotional Email
  5. Brand Launching email
  6. Products Email Update / Launched
  7. Event invitation E-mail

Transaction Type Email:

  1. Email Account Confirmation
  2. Passwords Reset e-mail
  3. Purchase Notification
  4. Delivery Notification
  5. Acknowledgements e-Mail

What is Affiliate Marketing and how can do this? : It’s commission based marketing, who are pay of commission for Traffic, Sale, Lead, Query generated by referral. Major three types of affiliate marketing 1st is related affiliate marketing, 2nd is involved affiliate marketing and last one is unattached affiliate marketing

I am have no many more experience in digital marketing, only worked past 10 years in Digital marketing at Ecommerce, Service based companies like Travel, Shopping, Outsources, IT, Legal, Astrology, Location based etc. So I think you will like My Blog .

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