Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing was discovered by Paul Brainerd in 1985 when he lighted the software Aldus PageMaker for the Macintosh computer. Desktop publishing is the use of a computer to making high-quality documents containing text and graphics formatted for a single-page publication. For example, desktop publishing is used to create printed material such as book covers, brochure, and fliers.

Desktop publishing is a period coined after the development of an exclusive type of software. It's about using that software to combine and rearrange text and images and make digital files.

Previous to the invention of desktop publishing software the tasks involved in desktop publishing were complete manually, by a Diversity of people and involved typesetting, graphic design and prepress tasks which sometimes leads to confusion about what desktop publishing is and how it is done.


  • designing print communications such as brochures, fliers, ads, and posters or placard
  • designing books , paperback and booklets
  • designing print communications such as catalogs, directories, and annual reports
  • designing logos, business cards, and letterhead
  • designing and publishing newsletters, magazines, and newspapers
  • converting print communications to formats for the Web and smart devices such asphonesand tablets
  • creating resumes and business forms (including invoices, memos,, inventory sheets and labels)
  • Self-publishing (newsletters, books,eBooks, etc.)
  • taking work designed by others and putting into the correct format for digital or offset printing or for publishing online
  • creating more attractive, readable reports, posters, and print or on-screen presentations for school or business
  • designing and publishing blogs and Web sites
  • designing store signs, highway signs, and billboards
  • creating decorative labels, envelopes, trading cards, calendars, and charts
  • designing packaging for retail merchandise from wrappers for bars of soap to software boxes
  • designing slides shows, presentations, and printing handouts
  • creating and printing banners,greeting cards, postcards, candy wrappers, and iron-on transfers
  • making digital print or digital photo albumsand scrapbooks
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