Needle Valve

Needle valve, as a member of the large valve family, has been playing an significant role at regularly and eventually shutting off the flow. Various needle valves are used to regulate the amount of a substance released by flow, pressure and direction. Therefore, they are the necessary parts of most industrial procedure. The specific part in the valve itself is the elaborately designed structure, including the design of the point.

Needle Valves must be easy to shut off, and pressure sensitive to keep the correct level of flow. The Valves must permit for precise adjustments of flow, and be adjustable to conform to the necessities of a particular system - Needle Valves require many turns of the valve stem to open or close, which means a range of flow, can be allowed for.

In fact, the design of numerous components of the needle valve has done great favors. At this moment, take the parts called the valve stem and seal for example. No matter what, these fittings are making contributions to the performance of the entire equipment.
The valve stem is the required part of the valve itself. It is generally designed to ensure a precise flow control. Numerous valve stems are usually designed with the thin threads. Generally speaking, the most common types are the threads in fine, coarse, wetted and non-wetted style. These four types hold their own advantages. For example, fine filaments are able to be spaced closely with the thin appearance, leading to the precise flow control in the minimal amounts.

And the seal is also the indispensable part of the needle valve. If the seal is not good enough, the entire equipment would result in poor performance, even in failure to work. In fact, there are also some available types of the seal. It generally has three types. They are the kind in plastic to metal, metal to plastic and metal to metal. Each type has its outstanding features. For example, the plastic to metal seal is quite general in gas molecules resulting from its valued scalability and dependable tightness.

In words, all mechanisms are responsible for the entire performance of the needle valve. As a result, they are able to be used to control the flow of liquid or gas and protect fragile gauges.

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