Record Stores

As a small business, you may find that you have lots of personal information on your customers in hard copy. Obviously, this information is needed, but does not mean it needs to be at your office, after all, if your office caught on fire, would you be able to replace the records? This where self-store vaults come into play because you can securely store your records of customers or clients off-site.

Many business store records off-site as a way to save space, after all, storing these records on site when you have thousands of customers or clients can fill up an entire room quickly. Hospitals and doctor facilities use off-site store even though most of their information is on their computers, they still have hard copies of patient records and files, and these cannot be destroy, so they use off-site vaults as a way to store and keep these records under lock and key.

Archived records may not be needed for many years, but it is still cheaper to store them off-site than trying to find room at hospital or your facility. Besides, having the records away from site is safer because in the event of a fire or natural disaster within the building where the records are stored became damaged; there would be no way to recover the information.

In addition, most of the self-store vaults are sealed once you place your records or other items inside and a special bar-code is attached to it for ease of finding your vault once you need it in the future. Using a storing vault is the best way to make sure you items or records are secure. The sealed vaults are placed in a larger warehouse where they are protected from the elements, this means you will not have to worry about water or moisture entering the vault and ruining your records.

If your business currently uses large rooms on site to store various items such as records, inventory, or furnishing, you probably will benefit from self storage vaults. This way you can free up precious office space and use the area for everyday business needs rather than to store excess items.

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