Screw Pumps

A screw pump is the type of positive displacement pump which uses two or even more screws that intermesh to pressurize fluids and move them in the system. The screws then take in fluid and push it out from the other side while increasing its pressure.

Screw Pumps are displacement of the hydraulic pump types which are closed and they are in a double Archimedes spiral. It simple means that one body is using two screws. Such kinds of pumps are mainly used for low pressure of up to 100 bars and for high flows. These pumps are mainly used on board on ships where there was a continuous pressure system throughout the ship. They were mainly used for the control of the ball valves, use to help drive system and also for the steering gear. They may not be very efficient but have an advantage of having a low sound level.

Screw Pump has mainly the structure same like screw and the whole construction of the spindle is like the Archimedes screw where spindle is responsible for the pumping action of the pump. It has been observed that these pumps required less maintenance and therefore is a great potential device to increase the pressure. As like other pumps, screw pumps also take the mechanical or you can say the rotational energy from external sources like motor or any other type of arrangements which ultimately provide the rotary motion.

Kirlosker and Sulzer Pumps are very famous screw pump.

Types of Screw Pump:

There are mainly two types of Screw Pumps which are in common use today:

  1. Double/Two screw pump (twin screw pump): These pumps are operating by the use of two intermeshing screws which has already been described above. The pump is often equipped with timing gears located outside the pumping chamber that are lubricated with oil in order to ensure the screws are rotating properly. Due to such design structure, the screws are not required to be in direct contact with each other which helps to extend the life of the pump.
  2. Triple Screw Pump or Three Screw Pump: They are mainly utilizing one driving screw intermeshed with the other two screws to create the pressure and to move fluid. The crews do come into contact with each other that often limit the pump to handle only clean liquids.

Why choose us: Due to their ability of providing high flow rates, screw pumps can be used in various applications like fuel transfer, elevators and other similar industries. Single screw pumps can also be used in storm water pumping, drainage pumping, and sewage inlet pumps and also to move industrial waste water. Thus, for this huge application of screw pump, we are welcoming the entire screw pump manufacturer to list your business details on our website with proper manufacturing name, quality, price rate, address or any other contact details so that the industry which is in need of screw pump can contact with you directly.

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