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Special Dietary Products for Your Guests Party

Inviting your friends and family to your home and entertaining them is one of the great pleasures of life. It is not so complicated or hard work but there are certain times or occasions when you need to make some special arrangements for your guests. So, if you have a plan in your home and you are booking any catering function, it is very important that you will make sure that any of your guests have any special dietary requirements or not. Dietary requirements are a good example to entertain your guests for vegetarians, vegans and for those who are lactose intolerant among others. So, it is crucial point that you should understand their needs and according to that prepare the food which fits their dietary conditions or eating habits.

While inviting any new guests about whom you don’t know much more and from whom you have not cooked previously, then it is always best idea to call and ask them about their eating preferences as you don’t want to offend any guests by serving them meat based meal while they are vegetarian. In fact anaphylaxis is one such reaction to the ingestion of substance that can cause the throat to swell and in extreme case can even cause death. So, in such scenario, it is highly important that you make your guests fully aware that they need to disclose any special dietary requirements. As per the World Health Department, there are almost nine types of food products that can even cause 90% of such anaphylactic allergic reactions. Such foods are: egg, pea nuts, tree nuts (such as cashews, hazel nuts, almonds etc.), wheat, cow milk, fish, soybean, sesame and shellfish.

Here we will look into some of the more special dietary product requirements and their details like what they mean, which food should take minimum amount for which people or what type of food should be avoided so that you can move on confidently to plan your guest party.

Vegetarians: You just need to ask in advance to the guest if they are vegetarian or not so that you don’t need to make any meat based food or meat derived products should not be use in your food items. Some of the common food which is made from animal derivatives is beef and chicken stock cubes, lard and gelatin. You can make lots of side dishes with veggies like salads, vegetables, pastas etc.

Diabetics: Diabetics patient need to take care of their sugar intake, thus they might feel frustrating to dine out to attend any social gatherings. So, discuss with them prior how they love to take food with at least the limitation of sugar or using any other sugar substitutes. Some special dietary products related to sugar substitute you can use that will not hamper the taste of the food.

Lactose Intolerant: There are some guests who is lactose intolerant then you have to steer clear of your Dairy products but you could find lots of alternative special dietary products that can make your meal planning a lot easier. You can use soy or almond milk and also use margarine instead of butter.

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