We have come across pipelines all around that resourcefully transport vast amounts of liquids and gases. But they need a regulating body to resolve the amount of the flow and to start and stop the flow for their efficient working. Here, valves come into picture and are the regulating body that control the flow rate and act as a switch to start and stop the flow.

Valves are machine-driven devices that obstruct pipes or ways of liquids and gas either wholly or partially to control the flow rate as necessary. In our lives we come across many valves daily, but might have never noticed them. The taps that we open and close to control the flow of water is a valve. The regulators that we use to control the flow of gas from our gas pipelines are also valves. There are gas or liquids control valves in our cookers too. These valves are not limited to man-made things, but are found obviously and that too in our bodies. Our heart has valves that help in regulating the flow of blood in our body.

Types of Valves are bothprepared of plastic or metal and can be controlled either by handles, pedals, levers and wheels or can be controlled mechanically. Typically, the exterior parts are either metal or plastic and are called seat and the inner part generally has plastic and rubber valves for an operative control of the flow of fluids. Body is the internal part of the valve that fits on the seat and controls the flow by opening and closing either moderately or wholly depending upon the necessity of the flow rate.

There are several types of ball valves that are extensively used in various industries depending upon their designs, sizes and pressure handling capabilities.

Full port valves are used when there is a condition of free flow rate of liquids. This valve has an oversized ball with a big hole to allow huge quantities to flow through it. Then when there is a requirement of high pressure in the flow, reduced port valves are preferred. Valves have been singing a major role in the transportation of liquids in various industries like oil, gases and petrochemicals, pharmaceutical industries and food and beverage productions and have become vital parts of many types of machinery too.

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Arjun Service Station

Hpcl Petrol Pump Amritsar Road Talwandi Bhai Talwandi Bhai  Firozpur, Punjab 142050, India
9815200262 | 9815-200-262

Ferozepur Service Station

Moga Road Ferozepur Cantt Punjab City -  Firozpur, Punjab 152001, India
7589321883 | 7589-321-883

Rama Motors

Hpcl Retail Outlet Ferozepur - Fazilka Road Khai Khai  Firozpur, Punjab 152002, India
9417183747 | 9417-183-747

Hp Chanan Flg Stn

Hpcl Retail Outlet Ferozepur - Moga Road Ferozeshah Ferozeshah  Firozpur, Punjab 142052, India
9855780000 | 9855-780-000

Hp Kataria Flg Stn Tlwndi Npla

Hpcl Retail Outlet Amritsar - Zira Road Talwandi Nepala Makhu Talwandi Nepala  Firozpur, Punjab 142044, India
9779050505 | 9779-050-505

H P Maa Laxmi Flg Stn

Hpcl Petrol Pump Baghapurana - Mudki Road Mudki Mudki  Firozpur, Punjab 142060, India
9417537022 | 9417-537-022

Hp Kaysons Auto Fuels

Hpcl Retail Outlet Malwal Road Ferozepur City Ferozepur  Firozpur, Punjab 152002, India
9417205675 | 9417-205-675

Hp Jai Shiv Motors

Hpcl Retail Outlet Circular Road Near Zira Gate Ferozepur City Ferozepur  Firozpur, Punjab 152002, India
9815414136 | 9815-414-136

Hp Guru Ramdas Filling Station

Hp Petrol Pump Mamdot Hazarsinghwala Road Mamdot Mamdot  Firozpur, Punjab 152023, India
9814693004 | 9814-693-004

Hp Dashmesh Pita Filling Station

Hpcl Retail Outlet Mohre - Shamsinghwala Road Vpo - Mohre Mohre  Firozpur, Punjab 152002, India
9855952761 | 9855-952-761

Hamara Pump Asafwala

Hpcl Retail Outlet Mallanwala Ferozepur Road Asafwala Asafwala  Firozpur, Punjab 142001, India
9876124714 | 9876-124-714

Nagpal Hp

Hpcl Retail Outlet Ferozepur-Makhu Road Vpo Bahadursinghwala Bahadursinghwala  Firozpur, Punjab 152002, India
9855000776 | 9855-000-776

Mallanwala Hp

Hpcl Retail Outlet Ferozepur - Makhu Road Vpo Mallanwala Mallanwala  Firozpur, Punjab 152021, India
9914552581 | 9914-552-581

Sps Hp Motors

Hpcl Petrol Pump Ferozepur-Makhu Road Vill Arifke Arifke  Firozpur, Punjab 152021, India
9592000022 | 9592-000-022

Luckys Hp Fuels

Hpcl Petrol Pump Ferozpur-Fazilka Road Vill Jiwan Arain Jiwan Arain  Firozpur, Punjab 152024, India
9855016648 | 9855-016-648

Hp Anmol Filling Station

Hpcl Petrol Pump Fazilka-Ferozepur Road Vill Gudder Dhandi Vill Gudder Dhandi  Firozpur, Punjab 152002, India
9855607776 | 9855-607-776

Pitambra Hp Fuels

Hpcl Petrol Pump Nh-15 Amritsar Road Behak Gujran Behak Gujran  Firozpur, Punjab 152001, India
9815026311 | 9815-026-311

Hamara Pump Basti Pathana

Hpcl Petrol Pump Mamdot-Khai Road Village Basti Pathana Basti Pathana  Firozpur, Punjab 152002, India
9815855215 | 9815-855-215

Hamara Pump Bhagoke

Hpcl Retail Outlet Mallanwala-Zira Road Village Bhagoke Bhagoke  Firozpur, Punjab 152002, India
9781660880 | 9781-660-880

Arora Hpcl

Hpcl Retail Outlet Talwandi Bhai - Zira Road Sekhawan Sekhawan  Firozpur, Punjab 142050, India
9855118020 | 9855-118-020

Hp Shivraj Filling Station

Hpcl Retail Outlet Ferozepur - Zira Road Vpo Kulgarhi Kulgarhi  Firozpur, Punjab 152004, India
9814049094 | 9814-049-094

Mobile Palace

Begunia More Barakar Bardhaman, West Bengal 713324, India
9832945515 | 0983-294-5515

Ujjwal Mobile Point

Jaugram P S-Jamalpur Burdwan Bardhaman, West Bengal 713166, India
9333919778 | 0933-391-9778

L L Mobile Point

1 Ho Chi Min Sarani Shop No 3077 And 3083B Bardhaman, West Bengal 713101, India
9333654255 | 0933-365-4255

Isita Mobile

Bargachhi Burdwman Bardhaman, West Bengal 713513, India
9749305547 | 0974-930-5547

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