Beer – Trends of the Beverage World

In our daily life, we are just bombarded with changes, sometimes the changes are immediate and could be beneficial for us and sometimes it may be working in a progressive and slow way. However, not all the changes are being good for the society; some of them are forced upon and can have legal or societal impacts. Still among all those happenings and work load in our life, we are able to find our entertainment and happiness moment that can come from anything. One such thing that comes to our mind while hearing the word “Beer” is a beer pub where people are holding the beer mugs with beer and foam is coming out of the glasses. Beer is not a new term or new alcohol since time immemorial; world’s most widely used and may be the oldest alcoholic of all alcoholic beverages. Beer is the third most popular drink after coffee and tea.

Beer is mainly prepared by brewing and fermentation of starches that are derived from cereal grains particularly malted barley but wheat, rice and corn are also being used. Beer is generally flavoured with the addition of hops that adds a bitter taste to the beer and also act as preservative. Apart from hops, some fruits and herbs are also being used in beer to give it a flavour. Presently brewing of beer industry is multinational businesses which are providing employment to thousands of people in the form of either small or big pubs to the large regional based breweries.

Types and Preparation of Beer:

You could mainly found two different categories of beer: first is the pale lager and the other one is regionally distinct ales which may again share different types or varieties like stout, pale ale and brown ale. The alcohol content in beer is very small in percentage which is about 4% to 6% alcohol by volume that can be sometimes less than 1% abv(alcohol by volume) to 20% in rare cases. Beer drinking can be a part of culture in many nations and also found to be associated with so many different festivals as well as with big national games too. Beer is mostly known as one of the oldest beverages that has been prepared since 9000 BC and has also been recorded in the history of ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. The chemical evidence of beer is prepared from rice by malting in China around 7000BC. Any substance that contains carbohydrate with sugars and starch usually undergoes fermentation and this has been laid down the foundation of beer production throughout the world. However, the production of beer has resulted in the development of human civilization but there are strong arguments about this fact among various scientists.

There are many varieties of beer you could find around the world but the basic concept of preparing beer is same for different countries. In fact there are so many countries like Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Canada, USA, Australia etc. which have their own local varieties of beer.

Listing your business with us:There are many social activities and industries have been found which are associated with games, club, playing cards and beer pubs. Beer is most popularly consumed alcohol over the world in a high proportion. So, if you own a beer pub or have a beer industry or shop, then list your business with us and we will promote it to make aware about your beer pub or business throughout the world.

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