Aquaculture tanks are mainly used in aquaponics for raising fish. Aquaponics is the way of raising fish and crops both for a garden at the same time. Thus, it is the combination of the Aquaculture and Hydroponics. Hydroponic is mainly the way of raising plants in an aggregate instead of using soil. Tanks which are using for aquaculture side can be of different sizes and shapes depending on the individual system.

While choosing any tank for aquaponics system there are so many things that you need to consider:

Size: The main factor is the size of the tank and how many fish do you plan for keeping or rearing. Also, how big is your garden that you would like to have? There have some formulas and ratios involved in how to figure out those ratios between the hydroponic grow beds and the surface of the aquaculture tanks.

Shape: The shape of the aquaculture tank should have impact on so many important factors like the water quality. Round flat bottom tanks are commonly used in aquaculture and they can sit on the ground and also able to do self cleaning. You can even direct the flow of the water from the returns of the filter in the manner that provides a circular flow of water to cause the solids to settle in the middle.

Round cone bottom tanks are similar to ice cream cones as in that case the bottom comes to a point. These types of tanks have to sit on a stand and also self cleaning. The solids that are settled in the middle or bottom of the cone can be easily drained out.

Another tank known as Raceway tanks which are long and rectangular in shape. The advantages of such tanks are the ability to split the single tank into several sections. When harvest season comes, fish can be corralled at the one end and netted.

Materials: If you are using true aquaponics system to grow fish that you intend to ear or sell, the material of the aquaculture tanks are made out of it is extremely important. Polyethylene is light weight and durable material that deters algae from growing on it. It is also FDS approved so that it can be used in residential as well as in agricultural applications.

Suppose you are raising ornamental fishlike koi then you should have more choices of what to use for aquaculture tanks. In such case, you can use cinder blocks and pond liner to construct the portable tanks.

Why to do list: There are lot of things to consider when getting into aquaculture and aquaponics. So, if you are the one who are into this field of building proper aquaculture tank, then listing your business on our site would help the hydroponics garden owner to know about it and contact with you directly. 

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