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Science and environment always go hand in hand, be it in our daily lives or academics. It is a part of study that is essential for every aspect of a healthy and happy life. It is very important to teach students the valuable meaning of our environment and science which is yet another important factor for our healthy living.

The study is not just confined, to schools but today colleges and universities give special attention to the valuable subject. There are social courses introduced for science and environment which include practical skills like teamwork, problem-solving and communication. Are you a part of an educational institute or university? Have you introduced these courses yet? If yes, let others know about it to enrol themselves in your academy.

At university level, science and environment courses are offered in vast and diverse areas that cover ecology, analytical science and biotechnology, food science and agriculture, environmental health, clinical investigation, advancing areas of medical sciences, nutrition, conservation biology and pathology. These are some of the major parts of the robust subject “science and environment”. It is therefore divided into different departments to ensure interested aspirants can select and apply for their favourite field. Which of these subjects do you cover in your university? Let us know the small but important details and enlist your academic organization with us.

The science and environment courses are a strong point for students in the research area. It helps produce great results and reflect top-notch developments in the industry practices. Tell us about your courses with a short overall description of the topic. WE will design an attractive and informative business listing in name of your university or college. This will help more students know about your science and environment questions and apply for their favourite combination of subjects. It is very important to list your university with us, if you want greater exposure and earnings from your educational business.

What do you think about utilising a platform giving you the chance to reach more students and aspirants in a single go? Being into an educational business, you definitely know about the high level of competition you face every moment. Why not try a simplified strategy to give a parallel lead to your competitors?

Why Choose Us: I you really want to top the list of science and environment institute in the search result pages, we can definitely help you.

Our courses are designed to reflect the latest developments in industry practices. We consult with industry when developing and reviewing courses to ensure that the course content is up-to-date and meeting their demands plus those of employers.


CQUniversity continues to produce ground-breaking research in science and environment with research focus across various areas including conservation biology, non-invasive sensor systems, aquatic ecology and ecotoxicology, precision horticulture, coastal environment and restoration, precision livestock management, metabolic and vascular disorders, infectious diseases, elite athlete sports science, population health science and analytical and biomaterial science.

For further information consult the School of Medical and Applied Sciences web page.


To assist you with reaching your dream of a successful career, CQUniversity has numerous scholarships available to support you throughout your studies. For more information please click here.

Why study at Flinders?

Our science and environment degrees can be tailored to suit your needs and career aspirations. Discover the breadth of what science has to offer or narrow down your interests from a wide variety of specialisations and explore what you’re passionate about in depth.

Science is the key to understanding the world and the future of our environment.

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