Indian Spices and its Export Market

Spices are primarily used to add fragrance in your food and they can also be consumed for medicinal properties. In fact spices are great things to keep you warm during winter. Winter season brings along with it lazy mornings, chilling cold and delightful cravings. However, we can’t deny that winter is one of the best seasons to have. This season will make you active of taking out all your warm woolen cloths, jackets which you have stacked up in the closet. For all the food lovers, it is the best time to treat you with loads of spicy food menus.

Here we are providing top 7 spices that will not only add a great fragrance and satisfy your taste buds but also keep your warm in winter season:

Ginger: A popular spice for providing warmth as it will increase the blood flow. Having ginger tea and ginger baths will help you to keep warm and cozy.

Black Pepper: a spice that will help you to warm up quickly if you use this cautiously. Black pepper also has antiseptic and anti arthritic properties that will help to decrease the stiffness of joints and muscles and increase blood flow.

Cinnamon: It helps dry dampness in the body and warm up the people who are feeling cold. It is also a great source to improve digestion.

Cardamom: This spice will help you to clear mucus and opening the respiratory passage that will make you easier to breathe.

Turmeric: Turmeric has been used in the winter from the very old times. Apart from warming you up, its antibacterial and antifungal capacity helps you to boost your immune system.

Fennel Seeds: Fennel seeds are not only used for mouth freshener but also help you to improve your digestion that you must have after taking any heavy meal.

Garlic: This spice is mostly used for stuffing but it can also control your blood sugar level when you may have few sweets in winter. This is one that needs to be adding on diet to improve health.

In the recent year processing market in India has thus seen in rise volumes and gaining huge global demand for Indian spices from US, UAE, Asia Pacific and European Union. Various states of India are the key produces of wide range of spices, oil of various grades. India is home to a distinguished collection of spices. At an international level, India is one of the major spices suppliers. Herbs and Spices hold a special place in world trade. They are normally exported in a raw, blended, dry form and usually easy to store and transport. Thus, India is getting benefit as Spice suppliers.

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