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A Vane Pump is a particular type of pumps with positive displacement pump. Its vital operation is to use the back and forth movement of rectangle shaped vanes which are inside the slots to move the fluids. They are also referred to as sliding vane pumps in some cases.

Main Operation of Vane Pumps:

The simple Vane Pump consists of a circular rotor that is rotating inside of a larger circular cavity. The center of this two circles are offset which is causing eccentricity. Vanes are always allowed to slide into and out of the rotor and can seal all edges so that it can create the vane chamber to do the pumping work properly. On the intake side of the pump, the vane chambers are increasing in volume. These vane chambers are them filled with fluid forced in by the inlet pressure. This Inlet pressure is actually coming from the system being pumped which may be often just the atmosphere. On the other discharge side of the pump, the vane chambers are decreasing in volume which is then forcing fluid to make out of the pump. The action of the vane drives out the same volume of fluid with each rotation.

The Pump mechanism comprises of a cylindrically shaped rotor rotating inside an asymmetrically shaped cavity or casing. The cylindrical rotor again has a numbers of rectangular shaped slots running along the outside of the cylinder. As soon as the rotor turns, force from the central causes the vanes to move outward so that the outer edge of the vane stays in touch with the inside surface of the asymmetrically shaped casing. The vanes can also be tensioned in some cases. Thus the asymmetrical shape of the casing can cause the vanes to move in and out of the slots while the rotors turn. This vacuum draws fluid into the pumping chamber and moves between the vanes which are ultimately forced out the discharge port of the pump. The direction of the fluid flow can be reserved by reserving the direction of rotation of the pump.

Use of Vane Pumps: Vane Pumps can be used in several different types of positive displacement applications. They can handle thin and low viscosity liquids like petrol and water. However, they don’t work in a fluent way with highly viscous fluid as the higher viscosity prevents the vanes from moving smoothly inside the slots.

Vane Pumps are often widely used for fuel loading terminals, solvents, fuel transport vehicles, alcohol and even for the syrups and soft drinks.

Vane pumps with different configurations can also handle fluids with a wide range of pressures and temperatures. Thus, they can also be used for pumping clean hydrocarbons including light oils and gas.

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